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Best way to study

There are many fantastic resources when it comes to getting introduced to concepts in machine learning. With so many options available, it is easy for anyone to understand a concept. The problem is remembering those ideas at a later date. It is easy to forget concepts that you do not use regularly. Research has shown that re-reading, highlighting, and note-taking are not the solution. They build false confidence in the material. The only strategy proven to foster retention is self-testing. The Learning Machine (TLM) enables self-testing at the conceptual level. TLM presents each concept in the form of many multiple choice questions, each with a single correct answer. 

Machine Learning to study Machine Learning

You answer the questions, and TLM tracks your performance. Over time, as it infers your understanding of every concept, and your retention capacity, it automatically presents you with questions that are likely to benefit your retention of the ideas that are harder for you. The system learns your weaknesses, learning style, and retention skills to automatically present the right mix of questions to foster long-term retention and learning. 

Extensive curriculum

TLM covers a wide range of topics in machine learning. It includes essential pre-requisites such as linear algebra, probability, statistics, and numerical optimization. TLM includes basic foundational concepts such as ideas in supervised, unsupervised, and semi-supervised learning. TLM also incorporates latest innovations in domains such as topic models, deep learning, kernel methods. For your all-around improvement, TLM also covers diverse applications of machine learning such as recommender systems, natural language processing, computer vision, and time-series analysis. Even if something is not related to your immediate concerns, it is still useful to have a broad knowledge as the field gets more interdisciplinary. 

Discourages rote learning

For the same concept, our questions and their options keep changing. With TLM, there is no way you can correctly answer a question by mere memorization. TLM ensures learning at the conceptual level. The questions are thought-provoking, not just facts. Moreover, our library of questions is already vast and continuously evolving, that it is unlikely you are going to see the same question over and over again before you have mastered the concept. Thus, TLM discourages rote learning, a common problem with flashcards and other modes of self-testing.

We use it too

We are machine learning researchers who need to keep up with the latest and greatest innovations in this ever-evolving and ever-important field. We realized that it is easy to get rusty on complex ideas if you narrowly focus on your day-to-day research. We designed this algorithm to help us retain fundamentals while still being inundated with a flood of research papers that we read every day. The questions were created by us, for us, so expect them to be rigorous, accurate, and comprehensive. 

Useful for anyone, every one

Job seekers

TLM is perfect for job seekers who are preparing for an interview machine learning, data science, or other quantitative research fields. With our comprehensive database of questions, there won't be any surprises at interview time.


TLM is excellent for students who wish to ace their exams. Regular practice with the tool is likely to etch the ideas in your brain for exceptional performance at test time. 


TLM is fantastic for researchers, scientists, and engineers who already underwent training in machine learning but feel like it is getting harder to remember those concepts or to keep abreast of the newer findings. Regular interaction with TLM will keep those ideas fresh as ever, help your careers, and ensure you are ready to land new opportunities.

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