Frequently asked questions

Account related

  1. Is account registration required?

    The preview is free and does not require registration. To access our vast repository of thought-provoking questions, intelligent interrogator, and proficiency trackers, you need to register and also pay the appropriate subscription fees.

  2. I have registered and paid the fees but I have not received any emails.

    Check your spam folder. Make sure you add "The Learning Machine" to known contacts to avoid future problems with receiving emails from us. If you have not received any emails from us even in the spam folder, please contact us for a resolution.

  3. Why should I trust payments on this website?

    We use Stripe, a leading and well-trusted payment processing platform. All your payment information is directly handled by Stripe. We neither see nor store any information that could be misused.

  4. How do I make changes to my subscription? How do I cancel?

    It is easy to make changes to your subscription from your profile. Log-in. Go to the "Account" page and make necessary changes. Note that the billing is handled according to the payment frequency and any changes will be effective after the current billing cycle. So, if you have subscribed to the monthly plan and you wish to terminate it, your subscription will end after the current plan period (1 month since last payment) ends. The six-month plan or the yearly plan will also end after their current billing cycle ends, 6-months or 1-year since last payment, respectively. You will not be charged for future plan periods.

  5. Can I pause my subscription?

    No. We track your interactions and performance on questions and concepts very elaborately. Book-keeping requires resources. We do not persist this information for inactive accounts. When you cancel your subscription, all of your interaction and performance data is removed from our servers at the end of your subscription period. Please terminate cautiously.

Study related

  1. Can you offer some tips to learn efficiently on The Learning Machine?

    Practice. Practice. Practice. Make it an important part of your daily schedule. Do not cram in one sitting. Track your strengths and weaknesses in the proficiency dasboards. For more tips, please visit our detailed article on tips to study machine learning effectively

  2. Why don't you show the correct answer?

    You will not learn efficiently if we did that. We only tell you whether you are right or wrong, but never explain the decision. By seeking out the correct answer, either from appropriate references or deep thought, you will remember the material better and also reinforce related concepts.

  3. I do not agree with your answer. What should I do?

    Contact us. We have meticulously checked our work and it is vetted by top experts in machine learning. We would like to hear about any disagreements you have with our chosen option. Reach out.

  4. How is the proficiency score calculated?

    The proficiency score is our proprietary metric to evaluate your expertise. A higher score is better. It is a holistic score that is a function of the number of questions, the number of attempts, accuracy, question difficulty, time intervals between attempts over the same concept to test retention, among other things.

  5. Why is my proficiency score decreasing?

    Proficiency is not monotonically increasing. If you do not practice a concept for a long time, you start getting rusty on those ideas. Practicing frequently and regularly will ensure that your proficiency score keeps rising and sustains at higher levels.